Granite Brewery Charitable Fund


Northern Secondary United Way Fashion Show

We recently donated $1000 to the United Way Fashion Show put on by our good neighbours at Northern Secondary. 


We recently donated$660 to Sistering, a multi service agency for at risk, socially isolated women in Toronto who are homeless or precariously housed.  


Holland- Bloorview Family Support Fund

We recently donated $1000 to Family Support Fund at Holland- Bloorview,  an amazing local facility. 

Family Support Fund – $1000


Raising a child is expensive. Raising a child with a disability is almost four times as expensive. Families paying for their child’s therapy, transportation and equipment needs are often overstretched, not to mention overwhelmed from the emotional toll of their child’s disability. Holland Bloorview provides financial support, while helping parents connect, adjust and learn. With your gift, our Family Support Fund, Family Support Program, respite programs and quality of life programs in art, music and recreation can continue to give families the help they need while their child receives care.


The Fund is used for accommodations at Holland Bloorview, equipment, recreation and life skills programs, modifications to home or car, medications or respite services, to a maximum of $1,000 per year. Read this story about how this grant has helped Isabelle’s father over the years: 


FoAN –  Friends of African Nursing

We recently donated $2500 to a charity actively managed by one of our regular customers. 


FoAN – Description of Organization History and Purpose

 FoAN (Canada) is an independent, volunteer run  registered Canadian charity that operates out of Toronto.  Our primary purpose is to support perioperative nurses and nursing education in Africa. Educating nurses will improve perioperative patient care in Africa, resulting in improved public health for both patients and nurses.

Most nurses in Africa work in very poor conditions. Nurses, especially those in the operating room often work without protective eyewear and thus are exposed to blood borne disease such as HIV and hepatitis.  As well, perioperative nursing education is limited or virtually non-existent. As a result, many nurses have died after acquiring blood borne diseases in the workplace.

In January  2017 we participated in a successful Program in Zambia.  Over the period of the week 19 nurses developed  OR Nursing Standards that are based on their reality and will be used country wide. 

The funds for the Zambia project ($4922.22 CAD) were raised by sale of cookbooks, greeting cards, memberships and financial donations from individuals. FoAN (Canada) funded travel costs, accommodations and meals for one Canadian volunteer and fully funded one quarter of the program for the delegates including their travel costs, meals and accommodation.

We are hoping to raise funds to participate  in a program in Ghana in the Fall of 2017.  Please visit our website for more detail on our charity:

North Toronto Collegiate

We recently donated $500 to The North Toronto Collegiate “Celebrating Excellence” campaign supporting student scholarships and extra curricular programs for local students. 

A Night Out for Music Heals 

We recently donated $200 to the 5th annual A Night Out For Music Heals, to raise awareness and money for music therapy across Canada.  


Rwanda Craft Beer Project

 Our first donation from the fund ($1000) was recently made to The Rwanda Craft Beer project.  This project was spearheaded by our friends at Beau’s Brewery to create the first women owned brewery in Rwanda.  Details at:  

The Granite Brewery has been a fixture at the corner of Eglinton and Mt. Pleasant for 25 years now. The reason for our longevity is the tremendous support we have received from our loyal customers and staff over the years.  We have watched many families celebrate the birth of a daughter or son and now those children are young adults and continue as Granite customers. We have helped people with birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and weddings.  Sadly, but proudly we have hosted many celebrations of life also.

As part of our 25th anniversary we want to give a little something back to our community.  We have established the Granite Brewery Charitable Fund which will issue grants and donations to local charities on a regular basis. The fund has been established with an initial amount of $25,000.  More money will be raised and added to the fund on a regular basis.  We expect to distribute up to 20% of the fund annually.

Our goal is to distribute funds to small local charities to help them achieve their goals.  Charities will be selected and decided upon by a small panel.  We will be asking interested customers to help us make those choices and to suggest further ways to add to the fund.  One of our goals is to do this with no overhead expenses at all.  Any involvement in the administration and decision making process will be on a 100% volunteer basis, although Granite ales will flow freely at all meetings!

For more information and suggestions on deserving local charities please email


Ron Keefe


posted on Friday, August 12th, 2016

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