Hopping Mad

Hopping Mad

A copper coloured pale ale, aggressively hopped with Cascade hops and dry hopped with East Kent Goldings.

Original Gravity: 1060
Alcohol Content: 6.0%

Best paired with: Granite Burger or Curry

Granite Brewery produces small batches of hand-crafted, all natural ales with no preservatives. It is this standard that has attributed to our customer loyalty and 20 plus years of operation.  We’ve won several awards over the years and have been reviewed in many reputable beer publications. Our wide variety of draught and real ales are sure to please any palette. Learn more about the brewing process here.

Cask Beers


Best Bitter Special

Or simply “Dry Hopped” to our regulars, this is our Best Bitter, well hopped with wonderful results. A classic cask ale.

OG 1046, ABV 4.5%


Hopping Mad

A copper coloured pale ale, aggressively hopped with Cascade hops and dry hopped with East Kent Goldings.

OG 1060, ABV 6.0%



An India Pale Ale, this golden colour, medium body ale packs a notable hop bitterness punch. Cask conditioned and dry hopped.

OG 1052, ABV 5.0%



Galactic Pale Ale

Golden in colour, this IPA is generously hopped with cascade from the U.S. and Galaxy hops from New Zealand giving it an aroma and taste of tropical fruit. 

OG 1049, ABV 4.7%



A strong English ale, not too hoppy and reddish brown in colour. It is a dark, malty brew, full in taste with a sweet dry finish.

OG 1056, ABV 5.6%



A pale blond ale, gently hopped, filtered, and lightly carbonated with a wonderful smooth mouth feel.

OG 1052, ABV 5.0%


Best Bitter

A rich copper coloured bitter, well hopped in the English tradition with a pleasant hop fragrance and a smooth dry finish.

OG 1046, ABV 4.5%


Keefe’s Irish Stout

A rich, malty stout with roasted, chocolate and coffee notes ending in a dry finish.

OG 1046, ABV 4.5%



A beautiful raspberry aroma precedes this refreshing ale. Clean, crisp and gently carbonated.

OG 1052, ABV 5.0%



Darkside Black IPA

Black in colour, this strong but well balanced, unique ale starts with a rich maltiness and follows with a very hoppy bitter finish

OG 1068, ABV 6.75%


Granite Mild

A dark ale with malt character and a hint of smoke. Well balanced, not too bitter and not quite as “mild” as you’d think at 3.8% ABV!

OG 1039, ABV 3.8%


Summer Ale


This beer proves a low alcohol can have taste. Golden in colour, clear and crisp, a generous addition of wheat malt gives it a refreshing character.

OG 1042, ABV 4.0%


Hazy Daze

Mashed in with wheat, 2 row and carastan malt. Hopped with Hallertauer hops and finished with Weiss beer yeast presenting notes of banana and cloves.

OG 1054, ABV 5.5%


Gin Lane Ale

November – April

Our “barley wine” is generously hopped, and a blend of 2 row, carastan, black malt and flaked barley give this ale a “winey” sweetness.

OG 1090, ABV 9.0%

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